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Sign the petition: Tell CT's congressional delegation to support Medicare for All!

The 1964 election of President Lyndon Johnson led to the passage of Medicare, our country’s first national health program. It was implemented in one year and radically transformed the experience of aging in America.

Over a half-century later, the American people are asking Congress to preserve this legacy of humane social policy and fiscal prudence. Eighty five percent of Democrats (and 70% of all Americans) are demanding publicly financed, guaranteed healthcare for all Americans. Two bills currently in the House and Senate, H.R. 1384 and S. 1129, could make that a reality. Unfortunately, only two members of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation support them — Rep. Jahana Hayes and Sen. Richard Blume Demand that the rest of the delegation support these bills and letting America join the rest of the industrialized world by making universal, comprehensive, single payer, publicly funded health care a right … and a reality.

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