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Take action following our March meeting!

Thanks to all who attended our March member meeting on Monday, including our guest Ken McGill of Connecticut Drivers United!

Our terrific and wide-ranging discussion offered a number of ways you can take action now for health care access, equity, and solidarity in the state.

Support Rideshare and Delivery App Drivers in Connecticut

Ken McGill of Connecticut Drivers United discussed the bill that group is advocating for in the Connecticut General Assembly, S.B. 1180, An Act Concerning Rideshare and Delivery Driver Minimum Standards.

The bill would improve pay, transparency, and labor conditions for vulnerable gig workers — and push back against a trend of app companies using legal loopholes to get around fair labor practices.

Sign a petition in support of this urgently needed bill!

Support HUSKY For Immigrants

Our friends at HUSKY For Immigrants are championing H.B. 6616, a bill to extend Medicaid coverage to all people up to age 18 regardless of immigration status. Hundreds testified in support last month.

Send a letter to your representatives in Hartford urging them to support this critical legislation!

Thanks to all!

In solidarity, Medicare For All CT

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