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Take action for health justice! Here's what you can do now:

Oppose primary care capitation in Connecticut

Stop the privatization of Connecticut Medicaid now! Help us ensure full access to quality healthcare for all by demanding the CT Office of Health Strategy (OHS) stops primary care capitation now! Send comments to OHS by 3pm on January 14, 2022!

Read more on our blog.

Find more info about the OHS "Roadmap" that includes capitation and find a template to oppose it.

Take on Direct Contract Entities

Privatitation, capitated payment models, and so-called "Direct Contract Entities" (DCEs) are a threat to Medicare across the United States. According to One Payer States:


DCEs are an existential threat to traditional Medicare.
Very few people, including Congress members, are aware of the DCE threat or what to do about it.
Those few of us who are aware must be loud and clear in educating the public, the media, and our legislators.

You can also read more about the scheme at The Intercept.

So, what can you do?


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Monthly Medicare for All CT virtual meetings takes place on every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm.


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