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RECAP: Testimony Day for SB284, To Expand HUSKY to All Undocumented Minors

From CT Students for a Dream and HUSKY 4 Immigrants (see still from the virtual testimony in the slides above):

Hello! We wanted to send an update from our amazing public hearing last week. Last Thursday was the public hearing in the Human Services committee for Senate Bill 284, to expand the HUSKY health program to all undocumented minors under 18 years old. Thank you to all of you who contributed so much of your time and heart to make this hearing a huge success for our coalition. 👏👏👏 Together we: ✅ Had over 12 hours of testimony ✅ Recruited over 200 individuals to signed up to testify on zoom ✅ Recruited over 360 (and counting!) testimonies submitted via email ✅ Had DOZENS of volunteers who dedicated the day (and the week) to translating, interpreting, texting, and ensuring our community was ABLE TO HAVE THEIR VOICE HEARD by our elected officials. ✅ Called hundreds of community members in the prior week Because of our work together, COUNTLESS powerful stories from our undocumented community, healthcare providers, and allies were shared with legislators.

Thanks to all who participated!

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