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CT Single Payer Study Bill made it to the Appropriations Committee

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Connecticut bill SB1090, "An Act Establishing a Commission to study a HUSKY for All, Single Payer, Universal Health Care program", was referred to the Appropriations Committee on April 28, 2021. This bill would have ordered an economic analysis on the benefits and savings of a single payer program in Connecticut. On May 3, 2021, the bill was on the agenda of the Appropriations Committee, at the same time no action was taken on it.

SB1090 and HB5340 first single payer bills in Connecticut legislature for many years

While SB1090 might not pass in 2021, because the bill was raised by the Human Services committee, and even had a public hearing on March 30 as well as received a joint favorable vote on April 1, SB1090 is in a good position to be picked up again next year or in during the next long session in 2023. Due to outreach of activists with Medicare for All CT, SB1090 as well as the CT single payer bill HB5340 were introduced in 2021. These were the first single payer bills introduced in Connecticut for many years. Because of Connecticut residents reaching out to legislators, more co-sponsors than expected were able to be recruited for these bills, and many additional conversations on guaranteed healthcare for all were started.

Fight for guaranteed healthcare for all continues

As part of a letter writing campaign in support of SB1090 campaign prior to the May 3 Appropriations Committee meeting, more than hundred Connecticut residents sent emails to members of the committee, and this is part of the momentum we will continue to build on, in the effort to study and implement a single payer program which truly does guarantee health care for all.

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