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M4ACT Featured in CT News Junkie

"The Governor’s Plan To Lower Healthcare Costs – What’s In It, And What’s Missing," a new op-ed in CT News Junkie by CT Health Policy Project director Ellen Andrews, cites Medicare For All CT's work to address poor transparency and policy in the governor's health spending plans:

How should the state spend $3.9 billion on healthcare? There was no public process or input to choose primary care. According to Medicare for All CT, the Office of Health Strategy received at least 90 public comments opposing their primary care plan. But, in a departure from the usual process, they won’t release them until the report is finished, when it’s too late. I bet if the state asked Connecticut residents how best to spend $3.9 billion on healthcare, they’d hear about mental health, access to specialists, loan repayment assistance, substance abuse prevention and treatment, among others. They’d hear about the need to invest resources upstream in housing, healthy food, health education, and wellness supports to prevent healthcare problems. But they didn’t ask.
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