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Connecticut Medicaid is under threat!

Happy New Year, Health Justice Activists!

And what a way to start the new year than with an immediate action you can take to help save Connecticut statewide Medicaid! Help us ensure full access to quality healthcare for all by demanding the CT Office of Health Strategy (OHS) stops primary care capitation now!

Under a capitated payment model, primary care providers would be paid a fixed monthly rate per patient, regardless of the number of times a patient is seen—or if they see them at all. As primary care providers would be paid a fixed rate to see patients, it would create a disincentive to treat Medicaid patients regularly and as needed; instead, it will incentivize providers to see other patients covered by private insurance paying out per office visit. Medicaid patients are also low-income individuals, disproportionately Black and Brown people and the disabled who will be directly and negatively impacted by this profit-driven scheme!

Primary care capitation is one among many concerns raised about the OHS Primary Care Roadmap. For an in depth description of the Roadmap and concerns raised by Connecticut Health Policy Project, please click here.

Click HERE to start writing to the Office of Health Strategy now and demand they redraft their Roadmap! Remember, you only have until 3pm on Jan 14, 2022 to send your public comments! Be sure to share this action with your friends and family as this privatization will effect every person in Connecticut!

Take Action: The Threat of Privatization Is Not Just In Connecticut

Privatitation, capitated payment models, and so-called "Direct Contract Entities" (DCEs) are a threat to Medicare across the United States. According to One Payer States:

1. DCEs are an existential threat to traditional Medicare.
2. Very few people, including Congress members, are aware of the DCE threat or what to do about it.
3. Those few of us who are aware must be loud and clear in educating the public, the media, and our legislators.

So, what can you do?

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